For the vast majority of us, buying or selling a home is the biggest financial endeavors we make in a lifetime.


Our homes are our personal sanctuaries, the place where we build a life and family, and where we make our dreams come true. But when it comes to turning those dreams into reality, it helps to have a trusted friend on your side – someone who understands your housing needs and desires, and who has a deep, unwavering connection to the Capital Region.

Amanda brings honesty, trustworthiness and know-how to each of her clients’ housing needs. Savvy in modern technology and social media, Amanda uses her unique digital marketing expertise to help position each home she embarks on for success. Amanda enjoys seamlessly guiding each of her clients through the buying or selling process, setting efficient deadlines, negotiating with outside parties and acquiring resources.

When Amanda is not helping clients with their home needs, she can be found capturing precious moments on camera as a CASL Productions Wedding Videographer assistant, kayaking or fly fishing on nearby lakes and rivers, or simply trying new local eateries. It’s usually not difficult to spot Amanda around the region.