New Year, New Decor!

We are only a couple days into 2017, and I have already read through a number of articles related to this year's home decor trends.  Some may be a little out there, but some may be the spice you've been looking for. Here's just a touch of what I have been reading...

  • Add Pantone's color of the year, Greenery, to your palette. It's bright, it's crisp, and reminds me of fresh blooms in the spring time.   Granted this color may be a little to bright for your walls, so think about adding subtle touches to your decor.  A small 'greenery' vase with fresh flowers.  Green picture frames on a bookcase.  Green towels and bath mat for the bathrooms.
  • Mixing up your patterns Many home decor trends spawn from Fashion Week, and this is no different.  Try adding mix matched throw pillows on your bed.
  • Fun Light Fixtures Get rid of those outdated dome light fixture and find something a little more unique and fun.  What about one of those wrought iron globe chandelier for over your dining room table?
  • Texture Lets get crazy an add some new textures. Try adding a vintage velvet reading chair to your favorite room.  Toss a sherpa throw over the backside of your leather couch.  The key to adding texture is to make is warm and inviting.
  • Support Your Local Artists Stop wasting hours on Pinterest to find a quick and easy DIY project, which doesn't turn out exactly as your wanted. Instead, use that time to visit your local Farmer Market or Artisan Fair and purchase hand-crafted decor.  Look for blown glass, woodworking pieces, etc.
  • Fixer Upper I don't see Chip & Joanna's farmhouse style going anywhere in 2017, so take a few tricks from their playbook and infuse white into your decor.




What are some home decor trends you've heard about for 2017 or which ones will you incorporate?