Just what can a buyer’s agent do for you

This snippet from the biography on my website sums up my philosophy about buying a home:

“When it comes to turning those dreams into reality, it helps to have a trusted friend on your side – someone who understands your housing needs and desires, and who has a deep, unwavering connection to the region.”

When I work with a home buyer, I am that trusted friend.

In the real estate business, we typically represent either the buyer or the seller in transactions, serving as a seller’s agent -- also known as the listing agent -- or a buyer’s agent. While filling either role, we are devoted to helping our clients achieve their goals.

But just what does a buyer’s agent do? The list is long but includes:

  • Listening to buyers to find out just what home features are on their wish list, their desired area for their new home, and the price range, of course 
  • Scouring active listings to find homes that could suit the buyer and screening those properties, noting qualities such as distance to work, school district and other factors the buyer has deemed important 
  • Informing the buyer about the current conditions of the real estate market, as well as financial facts such as the difference in property taxes between communities 
  • Introducing buyers to areas they might not previously have considered, showing them benefits – such as “more bang for the buck” -- of areas that might be unfamiliar to them 
  • Giving clients all the necessary information, such as the selling price of comparable properties, to help them come up with a fair offer that is supported by data and then presenting the offer once they find their new home 
  • Guiding the negotiations to secure the best terms for the buyer and bring about an accepted offer and handling all the paperwork 
  • Assisting in setting up the inspection process and giving buyers their options to consider should repairs be necessary 
  • Attending the closing on the buyer’s behalf to assure a smooth transaction

Remember that the seller pays the commission to close the transaction, so buyers are not responsible for fees to their agent.