Let's go on a house hunt


With that mortgage prequalification in hand, it’s time for us to sit down and make a plan of action for your home search. I love it when buyers bring to our meeting a list of what they consider their “must haves” in a home. It’s a great starting point. The list is often extensive, from quartz countertops to a finished basement to a large yard to proximity to work. They will tell me their preferred neighborhood or school district, as well as the price range that they’re comfortable with. (As a buyer, remember that you don’t have to take out a mortgage for the full amount of your preapproval if you’re more comfortable with lower monthly payments.) No matter how large the budget is, though, I sometimes caution buyers that we might not be able to find a house with everything on the wish list.

Armed with this knowledge, I will begin a thorough search of the homes available in Saratoga County, Warren County, Schenectady County and throughout the Capital Region that will best suit your needs. I will pre-screen a number of properties, then make appointments to show you the ones that best meet the criteria you’ve selected.

When looking at homes, I always remind buyers to:

  • Close their eyes to the cosmetic stuff. It isn’t hard to paint the mustard yellow walls the current owner thought gave the kitchen the wow factor.
  • Open their eyes to potential problems. A sagging floor, stains on the ceilings or water pooled on the basement floor, for example, could indicate costly repairs. (If this house seems otherwise perfect, it is advisable to bring in a licensed contractor to take a look before submitting an offer.)
  • Stay flexible. Remember that another neighborhood, even if a bit farther from work, might have just the right property. No quartz countertops or stainless-steel appliances in the kitchen? Those are changes that buyers can make down the road, or before they move in if the house comes in under budget.

I work hard to find buyers just the right home for them. I’m ready to help you in your home search.  You can reach me at:  amanda@romeoteamrealty.com

Next week: We found the house. Time to make an offer!